The Atheist Forum is a live, educational, call-in radio program dedicated to atheism, skeptical inquiry and the separation of church and state. We broadcast live from WTAN 1340 AM in Tampa Fl. We are continuing an outreach tradition begun in 1993. It affords an opportunity for members of the freethought community, now quite numerous, to have an outlet to explain their position to a broader public, and recruit new organization members.  We hope to interview many well-known guests and will take questions on important topics of the day and new explorations of hidden aspects of human nature and the natural world.  There’ll be a few chuckles along the way, and local news too.

AffordableAffordability: Advertising rates start at $15 for a single 30-second slot, with generous discounts for multi-episode advertising runs. If you have an advertisement ready to go, we can use it. If you need an advertisement, we can produce one for you at no additional charge if you buy six or more advertisement spots.

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Listenership: With local AM and FM radio listeners and over the internet, your ad will air live in the Tampa Bay area and will be heard by listeners in the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries! Our listeners can interact through live phone calls, comments on FaceBook, a forum on our website, and emails.


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Accessibility: Your advertisement can be heard via live radio, live online streaming, through an app for mobile devices (tunein), and through show on our website, on itunes, and Google Play Music. A link to your organization/business will be available on our site for any month in which you advertise.


Please contact us for more information

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After you have paid, you will be directed to our Advertiser Registration page.