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L. Steven Grasz
Leonard Steven Grasz, Trump judicial pick rated as “not qualified,” OK’d by Senate
Leonard Grasz was approved for the Eighth Circuit court of appeals. Grasz was only the third nominee since 1989 to be unanimously deemed “not qualified” by the ABA. In that time, it has reviewed more than 1,700 nominees. He serves on the board of an organization that defends so-called “conversion therapy”. He said the legacy of the landmark abortion rights ruling Roe v. Wade was its “moral bankruptcy.”
In 1999 he claimed that “Requiring students to ‘recognize’ (as fact) theories which contradict their religious beliefs would appear to be an interference with a right of conscience.” The Nebraska’s state education board then changed their science standards to provide that “evolution be taught as theory, not objective fact”

Inside The Voucher Schools That Teach L. Ron Hubbard, But Say They’re Not Scientologist
Clearwater Academy International is one of dozens of schools and tutoring centers in the U.S. that use learning materials based on the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the church of Scientology. Five of these schools and tutoring centers, including Clearwater Academy, receive public funding through voucher or tax credit scholarship programs, HuffPost has found.

Elizabeth MacDonough

President Trump Lost a Fight to Allow Churches to Get More Involved in Politics
The Senate parliamentarian blocked the repeal of the Johnson Amendment as part of the tax plan