Why Religion is Not a Force for Good – Jim Young

Jim Young

Born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area. Graduated Chamberlain High School and immediately enlisted in the U. S. Army. Was a Christian Fundamentalist preacher until 1978 at which time he abandoned religion. In 1989 Jim became outraged by the activities of the Moral Majority and began to join progressive humanist and atheist organizations. When his wife died of cancer in 2001, he retired from his job at Tampa Electric and began pursuing full time activism on behalf of atheist and human rights issues. Jim was a regular in USF’s Wednesday flea market, at all AoF’s activist activities, protested in front of numerous churches in the bay area and visible demonstrating on the streets of Ybor City on Friday nights. In 2009, Jim moved to Costa Rica to escape the Christian fascism that has taken control of the Republican Party and most of the southern states.

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