Topics of Our Time

Topics tonight include:

  • How is Melania Trump coming along with her campaign to eliminate cyber-bullying?
  • Controversy in Pompano Beach when Imam Hasan Sabri delivered a sermon claiming that atheists were incapable of living a “wholesome life” and they are nothing more than a “worm in the body of Muslims”. He also claimed atheists have an agenda of destroying this Islamic nation…
  • Hernando County Commissioner Nick Nicholson, a member of the “Family Values” Party who was arrested for operating a brothel, suspended by Governor Rick Scott.
  • At the Times Festival of Reading, stated he didn’t like democrats “because they are always telling everybody what to do”. Our question to him was why does the religious right in this country want to restrict our freedom to decide what people can put in their bodies, marry whomever they love, censor what we read, view, or listen to, etc.  Please note, Atheists of Florida is not affiliated with any political party.


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